19 June 2009

Basic (But Solid) VC Pitching Tips

I stumbled across this blog this morning called Startable, co-written by an entrepreneur and a former VC with Atlas Ventures.

They have compiled some pretty useful content and pitching tips. The tips are basic, but all-too-often neglected or forgotten-- things like focusing on the team and demo, or making sure your WebEx account is working and your financial model is formatted correctly.

I have been in a few VC pitch meetings where the first 15 minutes-- i.e., 1/4 of the total time allotted-- were spent troubleshooting the demo, trying to hook up the projector, or fruitlessly hunting for a WiFi signal.

While the VCs were relatively patient and sympathetic, those meetings never progressed any further. Somtimes it's the little things...


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