06 July 2009

Wisdom from Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen is an amazing guy. He co-founded Napster, Ning, and LoudCloud (later changed to OpsWare). He's made investments in Twitter and Digg. He sits on the boards of Facebook and eBay. And he recently announced that he and partner Ben Horowitz have raised a new $300 million venture fund-- in one of the worst fundraising environments in years.

I've been trolling around his excellent blog site recently. Marc is a prolific writer, and you can see some of the kernels of thinking that have contributed to his success. Here are a few particularly salient links that provide solid insight into the VC world:

The Truth about Venture Capitalists, parts one, two and three.

And, one more for good measure: how to network your way in with VCs. Happy reading!

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