01 June 2009

VC Blog Lists and Rankings

About a year ago, we compiled a list of VC bloggers on the VentureArchetypes website:


It was a fairly laborious process, involving combing numerous other lists, so I can only imagine how long it took Larry Cheng of Fidelity Ventures to put together this list of the top 100 VC bloggers, as ranked by number of Google subscribers:


While some critics grouse that "real VCs don't blog" (meaning they're too busy doing deals and don't need to market themselves), I actually think the proliferation of the VC blogosphere is a godsend for entrepreneurs. Plus, there are some great names on these lists.

The reason it's so advantageous is simple: in any deal, your odds of succeeding are greatly heightend if you can understand the other party, and tailor your message around their needs and wants...e.g., a "value proposition that meets their values." This is true whether the deal is a venture pitch, a strategic partnership, a marketing alliance/JV, or even an acquisition.

But of all those examples, it's only the venture pitch where there's a ready-made 'window' into the other party-- their blog. This lets the entrepreneur get inside the head of the person he's pitching, and get a feel for his/her personality and ways of thinking. It also serves to de-mystify the VC a bit, which is always a useful thing.

Who is your favorite VC blogger? Who is missing from these lists?

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